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Awful start 2007


Just started with our trip through Australia, at that time Jacky’s mother was already in the hospital with a fractured hip, we got the message that Jacky’s father suddenly had passed away. Immediately we cancelled our booked hotels and train reservations and bought a ticket to Holland.  In the meantime I was able to go back to the Mary-Eliza to pack the right stuff in our backpacks. Tuesday the 16th of January we arrived at Schiphol Amsterdam. The funeral was postponed for one day so we were able to say goodbye to Dad. Jacky’s Mum doesn’t do well and she’s is moved to the palliative department. After a struggle of six weeks she passed away in company of her children and their spouses.

These shocking experiences mean a lot for us. In the first place many emotional things must be dealt with and besides that a lot of practical things have to be done. We’ll only fly back the 23rd of May so we’ve got time to take care of some of these practical things. There is a lot to do in the apartment and Jacky really has her hands full on that. I am so lucky that I can start at Philips. We appreciated the warm contacts of  our friends  and besides that the pace of Holland and the intensive life grabs you and takes you away.  

Besides all our sadness we find that life goes on and that pleasant things go on too. Carnival, PSV-Eindhoven’s championship soccer, a very special Queens day, Jacqueline bikes trips, the time with her friend Elly and especially the pleasant Wednesdays and the 1001 phone calls with her sister Rita. We restored some contacts with family and special friends. Unfortunately we couldn’t visit everyone we wanted but perhaps next time better.

Jacquelines brother Kees together with Wim (Husband of our webmaster Janny) prepare for a bike ride of 2800 Km from Nuenen to Santiago de la Compostella (Spain).  They have a tight training schedule and most weekends I go with them.

Fortunately I’ve put my mouthpiece in the bag so I could use my old dusty trumpet. I found the most fantastic group of blowers in town, De Tweedracht, only high expertise blowers. Unfortunately their expertise has nothing to do with music but we had great fun. For us this was a marvelous way to let some steam off and we’ve met some very pleasant colleague musicians  and we are left with wonderful memories.

Now we have finished our business in Eindhoven. We’ve said goodbye extensively (it seems to be harder every time), and we arrived after an exhausting trip back on the Mary-Eliza. The ship looks good  and everything works in order. A big THANKS to Duncan and Irene who took care of our pride. First we gonna do some projects and after that we haul out for some work under the waterline. We hope to be on our way in four weeks.

We sincerely hope that next report will be more pleasant. Beside that Janny puts a lot of time in the new lookout of our website. We want to go north staying inside the Great Barrier Reef and hop over to the Louisiades (PNG) before we head back direction Brisbane to do our Australia trip eventually. We’ll keep you posted.  

Greetings from Bundaberg,

Rob and Jacqueline

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